Protecting American Workers Through a Stable and Reliable Seasonal Workforce

Stories about the importance of the H-2B program to seasonal and small businesses have been run throughout the country. Through the links below, you may download news stories organized by state or by those that apply generally or nationwide.
State Articles
Cape businesses face hurdles for hiring foreign workers - Cape Cod Times, 10/11/2013
H-2B visa battle forcing employers to scramble for seasonal workers - Lowell Sun, 7/17/2013
Cape businesses squeezed as wages increase - The Boston Globe, 6/28/2013
Cape businesses squeezed as wages increase (graphic), The Boston Globe, 6-28-13 - The Boston Globe, 6/28/2013
Regulatory delays, immigration changes have crippled some tourism businesses this summer - The Washington Post, 6/13/2013
A plea for more visa workers in the region - Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, 6/13/2013
A plea for more visa workers on Cape - Cape Cod Times, 6/13/2013
Problems crop up again with worker visa program - Provincetown Banner, 5/12/2012
Visa challenge seems to be under control for Provincetown businesses, for now - Provincetown Banner, 5/27/2011
Summer labor's shifting landscape - Cape Cod Times, 8/29/2010
Summer labor's shifting landscape - Cape Cod Times, 8/29/2010
The sea change in summer help - Cape Cod Times, 3/22/2009
Island shortages likely as visa limits reached - Cape Cod Times, 1/16/2009
Nantucket Inquierer & Mirror - Shortages expected as visa threshold reached, 1/15/2009
Visa cap strains Cape worker supply again - Cape Cod Times, 1/9/2009
Cap reached on H-2B program, cutting off source of seasonal workers - Cape Cod Today, 1/9/2009
H-2B visa reform 'dead' for now - Cape Cod Times, 10/25/2008
Visa reforms mired in debate - Cape Cod Times, 9/30/2008
Cape, Jamaica build ties through workers - Cape Cod Times, 9/30/2008
Racing to keep up without H-2B help - Cape Cod Times, 9/29/2008
Visa standoff: opportunity lost - Cape Cod Times, 9/28/2008
'If they call me today, I am ready' - Cape Cod Times, 9/28/2008
Visitors down, but season acceptable, businesses say - Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, 9/11/2008
Division of labor - Boston Globe, 8/29/2008
Cape struggles without H-2B labor - Cape Cod Times, 7/28/2008
Region's Employers Need Increase In H1-B Visas - Worcester Business Journal, 7/21/2008
Itís stable but not business as usual - Provincetown Banner, 7/20/2008
From Jamaica to the Vinyard - Martha's Vineyard Magazine, 7/1/2008
Inn helps you to smell the roses in downtown Chatham - Boston Globe, 6/29/2008
For Some Summer Employers, Help Wanted Signs Remain Up - Vineyard Gazette, 6/26/2008
Visas denied, dreams in limbo - Boston Globe, 6/8/2008
H-2B visa crunch impacts Provincetown - EDGE, 6/3/2008
Restaurant employment heats up for the summer - Boston Business Journal, 5/29/2008
Tourists, not workers, flock to Cape - Boston Herald, 5/28/2008
Cutting through H-2B visa red tape - Cape Cod Times, 5/23/2008
With H2B Visa Gap, Vinyard Employers Scramble for Help - Martha's Vineyard Gazette, 5/2/2008
Seasonal Worker Slump - Boston Weekly Dig, 5/1/2008
Business owners feel the pinch of summer worker shortage - Provincetown Banner, 5/1/2008
Do-it-yourself motel - Cape Cod Today, 5/1/2008
Governor joins petition urging H-2B extension - Cape Cod Times, 4/29/2008
Patrick urges visa reform - The Berkshire Eagle, 4/29/2008
Cape Cod businesses scrambling for workers - The Patriot Ledger, 4/28/2008
Summer employers brace for shortage of foreign workers - AP, 4/27/2008
Fate of the H-2B visa program still uncertain - The Nantucket Independen, 4/23/2008
Tourists can't wait 'til summer - Cape Cod Times, 4/21/2008
Restaurant Owner Urges Extension Of Visa Program - The Falmouth Enterprise, 4/18/2008
H-2B or not H-2B - The Boston Globe (editorial), 4/18/2008
Cape employer tells Congress visa dispute harmful - Cape Cod Times, 4/17/2008
Lawmakers plead for more foreign workers - South Coast Today, 4/17/2008
Employers await outcome of today's visa hearing - The Nantucket Independent, 4/16/2008
Cape employers left scrambling - The Boston Globe,, 4/11/2008
Cape employers look beyond bridges - Cape Cod Times, 4/11/2008
Cape Facing Seasonal Worker Crisis - WCVB TV Boston, 4/9/2008
Hospitality industry scrambles to find workers - Brockton Enterprise, 4/9/2008
Job fairs hope to attract summer workers - Yarmouth Register, 4/8/2008
Mass officials unveil plan to stem worker shortage on Cape Islands region - Boston Business Journal , 4/8/2008
State seeks to ease summer worker shortage on Cape Cod - Boston Herald, 4/8/2008
State chamber team up to get workers on Cape - Boston Business Journal, 4/2/2008
Seasonal Cape businesses target SouthCoast workers - South Coast Today, 3/26/2008
Wanted More staff for summer - Cape Cod Times, 3/26/2008
Housing key to getting summer help - Cape Cod Times, 3/19/2008
Businesses Face Cut in Immigrant Work Force - New York Times, 3/14/2008
No visas for foreign workers this summer - The Nantucket Independent, 3/4/2008
State devising plan to deal with summer worker shortage - Boston Business Journal, 2/29/2008
Kerry lobbies for H-2B relief - Cape Cod Times, 2/29/2008
H-2B visa crisis has employers worried - Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, 2/29/2008
H-2B workers found in the US - Cape Cod Times, 2/29/2008
Shortage of H-2B workers worries area politicians - New England Construction, 2/19/2008
Cape contingent hits wall on H-2B - Cape Cod Times, 2/16/2008
Cape looks for summer help in Washington - Cape Cod Times, 2/13/2008
Officials to press feds on Cape H-2B visas - Cape Cod Times, 2/12/2008
Expiration of visa program leaves hotels in bind - Providence Business News, 2/11/2008
Leaders try to close seasonal worker gap - Cape Cod Times, 2/7/2008
Come Back to Work - Vineyard Gazette (editorial), 2/1/2008
P'town seeks state help in filling summer jobs - Cape Cod Times, 1/29/2008
Seasonal worker shortage threatens regional tourism - The Boston Globe, 1/27/2008
H2B Visas Vex Businessmen - Martha's Vineyard Gazette, 1/25/2008
Employers worried about staffing as H2-B cap reached - Inquirer and Mirror, 1/10/2008
Island businesses face labor shortage as H-2B visa system is exhausted - The Martha's Vineyard Times, 1/10/2008
Provincetown businesses shut out of H-2B visa program - Provincetown Banner, 1/5/2008
Visa cap could leave Cape short of workers - South Coast Today, 1/4/2008
U.S. cap on visas could hinder Cape seasonal businesses - Cape Cod Times, 1/4/2008
Cape shut out of foreign worker visas - Cape Cod Times, 1/3/2008
11th-hour visa moves give businesses hope - Provincetown Banner, 12/13/2007
Feds limit foreign workers again-this time it's much earlier for H2-b cap - Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, 11/8/2007
Key part of guest worker program lapses Cape and Islands tourist industry faces havoc if Congress doesn't renew it - Patriot Ledger, 11/5/2007
Congdon's lunch counter shuts down - Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, 11/4/2007
Cape employers fear reduction of seasonal workforce - Cape Cod Times, 10/5/2007
Federal law change could cause ski industry labor headaches - AP, 10/1/2007
Federal law change could cause ski industry labor headaches - Boston Globe, 10/1/2007
H-2B Unease - Provincetown Banner, 9/6/2007
Resorts watch immigration debate warily - Boston Globe, 6/12/2007
Visa delays hurt local businesses - Provincetown Banner, 5/10/2007
Those Who Hire Foreign Workers See Maze of Red Tape This Year - Vineyard Gazette, 4/6/2007
Hand-wringing time for Cape businesses - Cape Cod Times, 3/25/2007
Hope flickers on summer staffing - Cape Cod Times, 3/8/2007
New England lawmakers push Congress for more seasonal visas - Boston Globe, 2/19/2006
Few Visas Fewer Workers - New York Times, 6/10/2005
Merchants Forecast Employee Shortfall Due to Visa Limits - Vineyard Gazette, 5/25/2005
Summer Visa Changes Will Leave Vineyarders Short on Foreign Help - Martha's Vineyard Gazette, 3/19/2004
Living with the Cost of Imported Labor - Martha's Vineyard Gazette, 7/25/2003